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Liability insurance

What can be insured?


This type of insurance may include coverage against losses caused to life, health and / or property of others, property owned, in keeping or under the control of the insured person in the process of production and business activities of your employees or their representatives.




In the case of claims against the insured person connected with causing harm to life, health or property.


Insurance coverage is provided in the following areas:



  • third party liability of business entity;

  • liability of goods producer, supplier of production, goods and services to the consumer;

  • liability to third parties (neighbors) owner of the apartment;

  • responsibility of the landlord tenant;

  • liability to third parties during construction and installation works;

  • professional liability of notaries, customs brokers, auditors, lawyers, security firms and others.


Insurance Options


  • general liability insurance,

  • liability insurance for product / service quality,

  • employer liability insurance,

  • liability insurance tenant / landlord.




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