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Property insurance

IC “Inter-Policy” appreciate you and your time. Therefore, to ensure complete protection of your property, we have developed special programs, including:


Insurance of the company property


What can be insured?


  • property, including constructions of industrial and office buildings, along with water, gas and electric communications;

  • equipment and technological equipment

  • commodity stocks that are in stock and in circulation


What can you protect yourself from?


  • Fire;

  • Flooding;

  • Gas explosion;

  • Natural disasters;

  • Illegal acts of the third parties (theft, robbery, hooliganism, etc.);

  • Falling trees and other objects;

  • other risks.


How much does the insurance cost?


Insurance premium is formed individually for each enterprise. Rates are formed, taking into account the insured sum, the list of insured risks and insurance coverage options.



Insurance of construction risks


The insurance can conclude:


  • investors;

  • customers;

  • contractors;

  • subcontractors and others.


What can be insured?


Construction firm will be compensated for direct losses from damage or destruction of property as a result of such cases on a construction site:


  • fire, explosion, lightning;

  • natural disasters;

  • water damage from sewer and heating systems;

  • occupational accident;

  • illegal acts of third parties.


The contract of insurance doesn’t cover consequential damages of a builder, undrawn profits, contractual penalties, the destruction of objects, through faulty design.


How much does the insurance cost?


Insurance premium depends on the following factors:


  • kind of construction project (type of building, location of the construction site, etc.)

  • the size of the insurance sum

  • a list of selected risks

  • franchises

  • experience of the building company in its segment.


Insurance of the company property


The insurance contract may sign tenants of offices ; warehouses and industrial buildings and premises and also people who use or dispose of land ( including entrepreneurs).

According to Article 24 in accordance with the Law of Ukraine "About rent» N 2269-XII of 10.04.1992, the rented property located in the state or communal ownership is mandatory tenant in favor party rental agreement, which takes risk of accidental destruction or damage to rental facility.


Montage Insurance


Insurance of mortgage property is doing by the lenders of financial institutions, according to art. 3 of the Law of Ukraine "About insurance" and Art. 10 of the Law of Ukraine "About Pledge".


Beneficiary is the bank that issues a loan to purchase property and who owns the right to receive the insurance reimbursement according to the part of your debt.




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