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Insured event

Most insurers are aware of the importance of insurance only after the insurance event and receiving compensation. Actually, payment of compensation - one of the most significant aspects of cooperation between the customer and the company. The customer evaluates insurance companies and insurance in general according to the professionalism of service. Therefore, choosing an insurance company, first of all, insurers pay attention at efficiency and transparency of the process of settlement claims.


The main stages of settlement:


  • 1.   Registration statements and gathering of information on damage;
  • 2.   Investigate damage and recognition / unadmittance of the event as the insurance one;
  • 3.   Inspection of the damaged property;
  • 4.   Determination of the material damage amount;
  • 5.   Deciding on payment;
  • 6.   Insurance reimbursement.







When the insured event has happened, the insured person should:

take all necessary and reasonable measures to prevent and reduce the damage caused by the insured event, including save the insured vehicle, in an accident to act in accordance with traffic rules;

report about the incident as soon as possible:


  • relevant competent institutions;
  • representative of insurer – “Evroassistanse”, providing information and advice through the telephone number: 044-454-72-25 (24 hours);
  • note the names and addresses of participants and witnesses of the event;
  • insurer should give the application about the insurance event within three (3) working days from the date of the occurrence of such event.


If for valid reasons (medical condition of the insured person or other valuable cause, making it impossible to write the application) insured could not notify the insurer of such event in time, he must prove it with documents and provide a statement within three (3) working days from the date of elimination such reasons;

Insurer (his representative) should show the damaged insured vehicle for inspection and repair should not carry out without approval from the insurer.


During examination of the vehicle representatives of the parties make an act of examination of the insured vehicle; than the procedure for calculating the amount of loss and procedure for repair of the insured vehicle is agreed, if there will be found hidden damages of the insured vehicle. Insured must say the insurer about such hidden damages for inspection.


If the insured has made repairs of such hidden damage regardless of the insurer, the cost of their removal is not included in the insurance reimbursement.


Documents which confirm the insured event and the amount of losses


For getting the reimbursement, insured, depending on the nature and circumstances of the incident, should provide originals or good copies of documents:


  • - A written statement on the accident;
  • - A copy of the insurance agreement;
  • - Passport, certificate of identification numbers;
  • - Driver's license of the person, who ran during the accident;
  • - Documents confirming the right of a person during an accident to drive the insured vehicle (certificate of vehicle registration, temporary registration card, or shuttle trip tickets, etc.);
  • - Procedural documents of the competent authorities of the facts and circumstances of the incident;
  • - In case of occurrence outside Ukraine - pictures of damages of the insured vehicle and a document of the competent authorities of the fact and circumstances of the accident;
  • - Account Executive calculation of repairs, acceptance certificate, which must indicate the value separately for each kind of work for every detail and cost and volume of consumables;
  • - Copy of the violation or refusal to initiate criminal proceedings in case of an event and for the accident when its violation is necessarily according to the law of Ukraine;
  • - Decisions of Court, which entered into force and relate to events that have signs of the insured event;
  • - Documents, confirming the succession of the person, making the payment of insurance (in case of death of the insured - individual or termination of the insured - legal person);
  • - The implementation of expenditures covered by this agreement, the relevant documents to prove these expenditures;
  • - Written explanation of the facts and circumstances of the event.


The insurer may reasonably require other documents, necessary to confirm the causes and circumstances of an accident, the size of the damage and the legitimacy of claims.





In case of accident, its members must:


  • immediately report about the accident to relevant institutions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine;
  • Representative of Insurer – “Evroassistanse”, providing information and advice through telephone, number: 044-454-72-25 (hours).
  • take measures to inform the insurer, noticed in the agreement of the compulsory insurance of civil liability, not later than three working days about the accident or, in cases provided in the Law, - MTIBU, about the occurrence of the accident (if such person for valid reasons, were unable to follow the steps they have to confirm in documents);
  • inform each other about themselves, their place of residence, name and address of the insurer and provide information on relevant insurance policies;
  • take all possible measures to prevent or reduce further damage;
  • keep the vehicle or damaged property in the condition in which it was found after the accident, until it will be examined by the expert appointed by the insurer.


Person, who is entitled to compensation, should submit the appropriate application to the insurer. The application contains:


  • 1. Name of the insurer, to which the application is made;
  • 2. Name (for entity), name and patronymic (for individuals) of the applicant, its location or residence;
  • 3. Content of the property, requirement for damages compensation, information about done mutual payments of persons, whose liability is insured, and victims;
  • 4. Circumstances, in which the applicant justifies his request, and evidence confirming its compliance with the legislation;
  • 5. Amount of damage, applicant’s signature and date of the application.


Besides the application, the insured should give the statement of the accident, reference from medical establishment about temporary disability or from specialized agencies about the continued disability (disability), if it occurred, and other documents pertaining to this accident.





In the insurance case, the insured person or his agent shall, at the time of expenditure for medical and other services, give by telephone the service company of insurer the following information:




for SMS-registration of appeal

email address for appeal

(+0380-44) 287 88 70

(+0380-50) 418 11 08


  • - Name of the insured person;
  • - Number of the insurance contract (policy);
  • - Location, contact phone number;
  • - Detailed description of the circumstances and nature of assistance needed.


If you can not message service company before the consultation with your doctor, emergency hospitalization or doing other types of medical expenses, the insured person or entity representing its interests, should as soon as possible (but not later than 2 days after the event ) inform the service company of the insured event.


The insured person loses the right to reimbursement if he didn’t notify about the insured event in time, in the period provided by the insurance contract without valid reason. When choosing a hospital, if the nature of the disease does not require urgent medical intervention for save lives, insured person must contact the service company and get advice on recommended hospitals.


If the insured person for objective reasons has to pay the cost of health care and related services themselves, it must be agreed with the service company, as defined by the insurance contract.


After contacting the service company, insured person shall carry out its recommendations for their further action.


The insured person must document period of their stay in the trip at the territory of the contract.


The insured person should give to service company or insurer’s representative unused air or train tickets during their validity, in exceptional cases - the first opportunity. The insured person should facilitate to making decisions of the Insurer (service companies) to determine the causes of an accident, the amount of expenditures.


The insured person must take measures to prevent and reduce the costs incurred by consequences of occurrence.


If the insured person has paid the cost of their own during the trip, but they agreed this with insurer or service company, not later than 5 (five) days after returning to Ukraine insured must submit to insurer a written request for payment of insurance compensation. Add to request all available information about the amount of damage and documents confirming the fact of occurrence. In any case, follow the requirements, giving in the contract of insurance.


Documents, which confirm the insured event and the amount of losses


If the insured (insured person) paid their own expenses after approval of the service by their insurer, within the limits defined by the insurance contract, the insurer pays him the costs according to a written application, which included:


  • - original insurance agreement;
  • - reference of an official organization, supporting evidence and circumstances (with details) of occurrence;
  • - original itemized bills for services rendered with detailed type of service, date, cost of service;
  • - recipes with the names of medicines, medical requisites and stamp of institution (pharmacy), etc.;
  • - reference from hospital on an outpatient or inpatient treatment of insured person, the name of the patient, the beginning and end of treatment, diagnosis of disease, the cause of disease, the general conclusions of the doctor detailed information about available medical services, designed to medication and diagnostic tools, indicating their quantity and value;
  • - documents, confirming the fact of payment for services, medicines (cash and trade checks, bank receipts from the said amount, etc.);
  • - documents of service company for costs, associated with the occurrence;
  • - certificate (copy) in case of death of insured person;
  • - bills for phone calls (faxes), and showing a phone number, date, time and cost of each call;
  • - at the request of the insurer - passport with marks on border control crossing;
  • - in case of injury accident that occurred in motor vehicle, insured additionally added:


  • 1. made in the country of temporary residence an official certificate of accident, which should give the following information: officials confirming the accident and their powers of such actions;
  • 2. addresses and telephone numbers of persons who witnessed the fact of an accident;
  • 3. detailed description of the circumstances of the accident and the role of the insured there;
  • 4. condition of the insured in respect of alcohol, drugs or toxic substances;
  • 5. other documents at the request of the insurer.


All documents must be legibly written or printed on the forms and have appropriate seals and signatures, as well as name, address, telephone number of the organization that issued the document.


At the request of the insurer, to the documents in foreign languages should be added the official translation into Ukrainian.





Organization of medical care of insured persons in Ukraine provides clock dispatch service:

0 800 80 29 56 (round-the-clock)

When you access the clinics, which IC “Inter-policy" has no contractual relationship, the insured person agrees their treatment or other services provided by the insurance program with insurance company (except situations, when it is impossible).




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