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Property insurance

IC “Inter-Policy” appreciate you and your time. Therefore, to ensure complete protection of your property, we have developed special programs, including:


Program "Comfort"


What can be insured under the contract?


  • House (residential, garden, country) or flat

  • Household structure (garage, cellar, barn, etc.)

  • Internal and external decoration;

  • Additional equipment (electricity, gas, sanitation, etc.)

  • Land


Insurance risks:


  • Fire;

  • Flooding;

  • Gas explosion;

  • Natural disasters;

  • Illegal acts of the third parties (theft, robbery, hooliganism, etc.);

  • Falling trees and other objects

  • other risks.


Insurance premium depends on:


  • kind of insurance coverage;

  • choice of property groups to be insured;

  • insured sum;

  • franchises;

  • contract period.



Program "Household property"


What can be insured by program?


  • Furniture and furnishings;

  • Household appliances and electronics;

  • Additional equipment (electricity, gas, sanitation, etc.);

  • Household appliances (crockery, carpet products, etc.);

  • Personal belongings;

  • Land;

  • Other personal property that is in the room.


For property insurance, you can insure your responsibility to neighbors for the damage which may be caused to their property on your hands.



Program "Rent"


According to the insurance program you can insure real property that is in a rent. Policyholders may be the tenants and landowners.

Страхувальником може виступати, як орендар, так і орендодавець.



Program "Hypothec"


For property insurance “Hypothec” borrowers of financial institutions can insure real property (house, apartment, land, etc.), buying it on credit.




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